Managed Print Services

By working in partnership with our clients, we help them to optimise their printing requirements, reducing their environmental impact whilst also managing costs.

Taking a different approach to your managed print requirements

The solutions that we provide are both unique and refreshing in their approach to the provision of controlled and managed print. Premium brand offerings from Ricoh, HP and Lexmark in combination with our outstanding service and innovative funding methods make for an unbeatable offering.


There are many providers who believe that managed print simply means device consolidation and the removal of printers so they bypass, or completely ignore, the user experience element. Worse still, in terms of funding methods, they still appear to think that the longest term possible represents best advice for you, simply because it is the cheapest way in which to display the cost.

There is also very little consideration taken of the benefits that can be applied through Pull Printing, or controlled print solutions. The provision of a Pull Printing solution can not only eliminate unnecessary, and costly, waste and improve your Green effect, it can also improve the User Experience factor.

Experience tells us that the implementation of a Pull Printing solution can reduce output by up an average of 20%. If that 20% happens to be, un-printed, colour output then, combined with the unused paper, the savings are considerable.

A Pull Printing solution can also increase efficiencies. As examples; through less visits to the device or by eliminating the need to re-send jobs if printers are unavailable as the job goes to a queue rather than a specific device. 

At Dalton Ellis we incorporate all of this into a unique proposition that we call, PrinTvoice.

PrinTvoice agreements manage your desktop and centralised devices through one easy to understand, cost per page solution. The agreed costs incorporate the supply, the servicing, the maintenance and the replenishment of consumables and we bill accordingly based upon your usage.

Gone are the days of lease terms far exceeding the useful life of your devices, or contracts with clauses so punitive that it makes it impossible to change provider. We prefer to base our recommendations to you upon the needs of your business today but with a focused eye upon the future, not just for you but for technology also. 

If you wish to know more about PrinTvoice then contact us through the methods available.

The benefits of Managed Print Services include:

Reduced Print Costs
Greater Control and Visibility
Improved Productivity and Security
Reduced Environmental Impact

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